Professionality & emotion

We have been designing and implementing lighting for buildings and interiors since 1995 and we work better with light than anyone else in the country. We deal with design, intensity, glare, accents and uniformity, white temperature. We don't stop until every detail, every bend of the beam is perfect.

We are professionals and we can evoke the right emotions while meeting the technical requirements. Whether we are illuminating a castle, a street, an office building, a shop or your bedroom.

We install breathtaking light systems.


We install

breathtaking light systems

We always adapt individual luminaires and complete solutions to the space and your requirements. We will find the right product for you, or we will customize or manufacture it for you. Our team of experienced technicians guarantees optimum lighting parameters for safety and visual comfort in all situations (crossing the street, at work, when making menu selections in a restaurant and at home in the kitchen). At the same time, we can design intelligent lighting control systems - these increase comfort and reduce operating costs. We design everything to match the space and, of course, keep to budget.

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